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Rastra Sant Muni Tarunsagar
Indore to Bangalore is more than 1,500 miles - Tarunsagarji walked every single one of them. Barefoot. Bare bodied. Eating food and drinking water just once in a day. But this is standard stuff for a Jain Muni. What makes Tarunsagarji unique is that he goes that extra mile. Incessantly lecturing, writing, deliberately opening himself to controversy and criticism, but always making sure he is heard. It is a relentless, passionate crusade to transform Jainism from an obscure religion, shadowed in misconceptions, to India’s vehicle of revolution.
"Society and the country are sleeping soundly. A lullaby is not useful anymore.So I roar,uttering bitter things.” He is naked in the spirit of truth andacerbic honesty. His only ‘ornament’ is afan of peacock feathers that he uses to sweep away microorganisms from his path as he sits down
In a world hijacked by violence,heis an acclaimed spiritual leaderwho lives a spartan life of non-violence and vegetarianism. Thirtyeight-year-old Digambara Jainmuni Tarun Sagar, the “revolutionarysaint”, keeps his precepts for good living clearly off the beaten track.Conceding that reality is multi-faceted, he attacks with gusto the accepted idea,twists it around,and throws it at you inorder to settle a dilemma.Fallibilism isalso relativism. Tarun Sagar has been in the forefront of the movement against slaughterhouses and the export of beef.
Earlier Name: Sri Pawan Kumar
D.O.B: 26-June-1967, Guhanchi, MadhyaPradesh, India.
Parents: Smt Shanthibai Jain and Sri PratapChand Ji
Formal Education: upto Middle school
Initial Diksha: 20th july 1988 @ akltara, Chattisgarh, India
Muni Diksa: 20th July 1988 @ Bagidaura
Diksha Guru: Acharya Pushpadanth Sagar.
Most Popular Book: Mrithyu Bodh
Rastra Saint: Honored with this title by Govt of MadhyaPradesh on 26 June 2003 @ Indore.
Pioneer: Started the unique program known as "Anand Yatra" (Travelling the entire India through walk to Discourse the Preachings of Mahaveera)
"Born on Monday, grewup on Tuesday, got married on Wednesday, gave birth to children on Thursday, fell sick on Friday, admitted to hospital on Saturday, died on Sunday....... I am asking only this much is this life?"
He is never afraid of challenging history, hierarchy and tradition. He has been alleged of commercialization of jain literature, making his own disciples and putting hindrance to the tradition of baghwan mahavir, but if all those efforts result in vegetarianism and prevailing peace in the world, then his efforts will become complete.
Tarunsagar is the youngest muni from the days of Lord Mahaveera. Born in a middle class family of bundelkhand, Tarunsagar renounced the world at the age of 13. The combination of Jainism and social reform adopted by him cannont be compared with any of the Jain Acharyas.

Instead of calm, monotonous and boring style, he has adopted aggressive and sensational style of discourses. When the nerves in his throat get inflated and his whole body baths in perspiration, he softens his voice and sometimes concludes his speech with entertaining anecdotes
"I am making an appeal to the whole Jain community that still there is time left. They themselves become vigilant and caution their young generation . I can foresee the cloud of trouble gathering the sky of Jain community in the near future".
"Non violence is the supreme religion"