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Tarun Vichar

Tarun Vichar - Selected portion of Tarunsagar's preachings

Tarun Vichar - 1
Today Jain community is having the great challenge of uniting themeslves.........after the salvation of Lord Mahavir,Jain community has been divided many times in this 2500 years and these sects are sometimes established as Digambar, Swetambar and again as Terapanth, Stanakvasi, Mandir Margi. If this split continues in the same fashion then no doubt we will soon have two more categories as "Vegetarian" and "Non Vegetarian" Jains. If this really happens then remember Lord Mahaveer is not going to forgive us for ever. Its high time to erase this boundaries.

Tarun Vichar - 2
Everyone should be allowed to go to a Mahavir temple. There should not be any restriction on anyone's entry, because the temples are made for human beings. We have to give the right to sinful people to enter the Mahavir temple, only then Jainism will become the world religion. Lord Mahavir should be made available to everyone. We have to choose either of it, either we have to give right to everyone to reach Mahavir or otherwise we should liberate Mahavir from temples so that he can reach everyone.

Tarun Vichar - 3
The crematorium should be in the center of a city and it should be in such a place from where a man will have to pass through it at least 10 times in a day. So whenever he passes through that area, by looking at burning of dead bodies and half burnt dead bodies, he is able to think about his own death. And if this happens, then 80% of sins and crime of this world would automatically get eliminated.

Tarun Vichar - 4 :
By virtue of being parents, you may educate and make your children properly qualified. But see to it that you do not over qualify them, so that tomorrow they may disqualify you. If you make this mistake now, then you will have to repent tomorrow in your old age. When things go out of control, it is futile to repent for it.

Tarun Vichar - 5 :
A Question is asked by some one: What should I do to see that heaven is caught in my fist? Don't do anything, Only keep your mind cool, keep your pockets open, be afraid of God, use sober language and have compassion for all in your heart. If you are able to do these things, then you need not go up to heaven. Heaven it self would come to you. Its tragic that we desire heaven, but don't do heavenly deeds.

Tarun Vichar - 6:
Born on Monday, grewup on Tuesday, got married on Wednesday, gave birth to children on Thursday, fell sick on Friday, admitted to hospital on Saturday, died on Sunday....... I am asking only this much is this life?

Tarun Vichar - 7:
Walk a minimum distance of 1000 steps everyday, because the pilgrimage can be done even if some one carries you on his shoulders, but one can achieve greatness only by walking himself. One cannot go beyond crematorium when it is on the shoulder of others and yes, plant atleast a tree in such a manner that its shadow and fragrance reach the neighbor aswell as don't raise the compound wall so high that you are unable to see your brothers passing through road.

Tarun Vichar - 8:
The basic difference between the saint and the common man is that the common man's mind and saint's feet can never stay at one place. Flowing water and walking saints are always considered to be sacred. To Walk is the routine of the saints life. The saint starts walking from one place and reaches the next. But between the walking and reaching there, an event takes place. Which goes on to show the importance of saints effect. It means from wherever the saint goes away , everything becomes dull there. And wherever the saint reaches, everything becomes gold there.

Tarun Vichar - 9:
You are a foreigner here. One day you have to return to your native place. You have come to travel here. A traveller lives very carefully. He doesn't fight with anyone, keeps the sweet memories of all in his mind. Because he knows that one day he has to return and yes everyday he make a telephone call to get the news about his family.
Remember you also have come from the house of Almighty. Make a telephone call to him also on every morning.

Tarun Vichar - 10:
I have never lighted a funeral fire. Being younger in the family, an occasion did not arise where I had to go to Crematorium. In the beginning I used to have the pinching for that. But one day I realized as if Lord Mahaveer was telling me: "Tarun Sagar! you have taken birth not to light funeral pyres, but to enliven those who are dead, and that was it!"
From that day onwards I whole heartedly started the work of enlivening the dead person, society and country.
Remember: Half dead man and half dead society are of no use to anyone.

Tarun Vichar - 11 :
Dog culture is speedily making inroads into the society. Formerly people used to have cows, now dogs have taken their place. Some time back a name plate used to be found on our houses having "Athithi Devo Bhavaha"(Guest is like God) which was followed by "subh-Labh"(auspicious-beneficial). With the passage of time, it changed to "welcome" and now a days it is seen as "Beware of Dogs". This is the decline of our culture. Give a "Roti" to a dog but never love it. If you love, it will lick your face; if you beat it with wooden stick, it will bite your legs. Always remember, "licking" and "biting" both are bad.

Tarun Vichar -12:
You may continue to be a doctor, an advocate, a businessman, or an intellect, but when you enter your home in the evening, leave your profession outside and then enter your house, because there your heart is required and not your brain. At your house there is no patient, client or customer waiting for you, so that you need not have to return home as a doctor, an advocate or a business. There a mother waits for her son, a wife waits for her husband and a childern waits for their father. One should return home in the evening in the capacity of a father, husband and son only.

Tarun Vichar -13
If I am asked to make one more religion by congregation of best practices from all the existing religions, I feel that the 60% of this mixture will be from Jainism. I dont want people to blindly follow Jainism. Make an attempt to know it, you automatically start admiring it.

Tarun Vichar-14:
It is a universal religion of a gentleman that when a saint –ascetic is arriving in his own town, then he welcomes him, wholeheartedly. If the saint-ascetic is going to stay in your town, then he makes properly arrangement of his traveling. And it the saint-ascetic is leaving your town, don’t stop him; with easy and pleasing frame of mind say bon adieu. Only because he is going for the welfare, and freedom of one of his brethrens. A saint is like a lightened earthen lamp. The work of the earthen lamp is to flare the flames, awaken it and then go elsewhere.

Tarun Vichar-15:
Though it is a fact that the danger is from the guards of the treasure, and not from the thieves, the country has danger from its protectors, and not from the enemies and from the monopolists, those people who serve there vested interest in the name of religion, they are the real enemies. I am not against religion.
I am against the misuse of religion.
"Non violence is the supreme religion"