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Amruth Pravachan @ Shimoga, Karnataka
Venue: Shimoga, Karnataka:
Date: 14th April 2007

The principles propagated by great personalities should be followed by all, advised Rastra Sant Muni Tarunsagar.

Delivering 'Amruth Pravachan' at Nehru Stadium here on Sunday, he in his own words gave 'spiritual injection' to the psychological problems being faced by some people.

He called upon people to spend their time on good works after retirement. He commended the state government for banning lottery and arrack.

Deputy Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, Water Resource Minister Eshwarappa and Bharatiya Jain Milan working president D Surendrakumar released three books of Tarunsagarís Katu Pravachan Rastra Sant muni Tarunsagar will be leaving Karnataka in a span of another 30 days time. Most likely he will be having Chaturmas in Solahpur, Maharastra.

14 year old Kshulkji joins Muni Tarunsagar sangh:
Young in age but not in thinking, a small boy of just 14 years joined the troop of Munishree. Earlier he was with Muni veersagar sangh.
Video of Amruth Pravachan:
Note: Part 3 and Part 4 will be available by next week
Part 1:
Essence: This Discourse contains Muni Tarunsagar's view on "Anger". He says Anger needs no invitation and it can come at any time, at any place to anyone. He asks people to keep their head cool. Five minutes of silence is the only solution to control anger.
He is ready to allow people to fight and quarrel, but not to stop talking with each other
Part 2:
Essence: People are well aware of what to take and what not to take for their stomach. But they are not sure about what information (knowledge) should and should not enter their mind. He urges people to put a board with caption "No entry for impure thoughts" on their forehead.
He suggests people to keep a bottle of water next to them as the fire of anger may ignite at any time.
"Non violence is the supreme religion"