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Muni Tarunsagar at my Residence in Kalasa
Muni Tarunsagar’s five days (March 29th to April 2nd) stay at my residence in Kalasa, gave me a golden opportunity to witness the daily routine of a digambar muni at a very close distance. Every minute during his stay at my residence was a great learning experience. I am making an attempt to describe those 72 Hrs that I spent with the Rastra Sant……

Those 72 Hours of my life with the Rastra Sant:
At 4:45AM, my deep sleep was disturbed by a humming voice. Soon I came out of sleep, the voice became more audible. Yes, It was Muni Tarunsagar reciting Jaina mantra.
Kshuluk Prayathnasagar was sitting in front of him and was repeating the same. What bedazzled me was the timing, 4:45 AM!!!!! It is the time at which Muni Tarunsagar starts his day. No excuse to this and irrespective of the health condition, his day begins at 4:45 AM.
Morning walk: He used to go for a morning walk for 20 Mins in front of my home. I found him more relaxed and more serene during those 20 Mins when compared to the rest of his day time. He used to have a casual talk with the rest while walking. He had developed a great attachment with the beautiful morning mist of Kalasa.

Rastra sant and the Cobra: Well, this memory is not going to perish too soon…. A Forest officer brought a king cobra which was caught at Kudremukh bio reserve. Muni Tarunsagar was shocked to see that. The teeth of cobra were not removed and it was almost 12 feet long. When the forest officer opened the sack containing the Cobra, It took a great leap from the jute sack and made an attempt to creep away. Well that fraction of second created a tensed environment and muni tarunsagar had to run. The situation came into control when the Forest officer caught the whisking cobra.

RastraSant during the night: Muni Tarunsagar used to sleep at 10:00PM everyday. He used to get up couple of times in the night. Shocking fact is, during that time he used to mediate for a short span of 10 Mins!!

Rastra Sant and the Naxals: Kudremukh bio reserve is filled with Naxal activities. A Naxalite called a local journalist during the night and expressed their desire to meet Rastra Sant. Rastra Sant did grant the permission and Six Naxalites( including 2 woman) came to my residence to speak to Rastra Sant. They were extremely satisfied after talking to Tarunsagar for 30 Mins.

Well the memories of Tarunsagar delivering evening pravachan (anand yatra) at my residence, I translating the news present in kannada newspaper to Hindi, He checking about the latest technology on internet, etc……. are going to stay in my memory for a very long time. I am going to draw inspiration from these memories for the rest of my life……...
"Non violence is the supreme religion"